Pancit Chami Recipe

Ingredients: 500 miki noodles 2 tbsps cooking oil 1 medium-sized red onion, chopped 1 head garlic, minced 2 tbsps soy sauce 2 tbsps oyster sauce 2 tbsps brown sugar 1/2 cup sayote, strips 1/4 cup carrots, strips 1/4 cup chicharo/ sweet peas ½ Continue reading

Maja De Ube Recipe

Maja Blanca is a Filipino staple when it comes to serving local delicacies in about any celebration. May it be in a fiesta, birthday, christening, or the holidays, one is sure to see this delicious coconut pudding on the table. But Continue reading

Easy Papis Recipe

Ingredients: ½ k beef tendons(litid) ¼ k lean beef, sliced Pepper to taste 2 small onions chopped 1 big can of pork and beans Cooking oil Cooking Instructions: Heat oil in a pun. Sauté onions Add the beef tendons and lean beef. Allow Continue reading