Cassava Cake Recipe

INGREDIENTS: 2 packs cassava – grated (approx. 16 oz) 1 can condensed milk (approx. 14 oz) 1 can coconut milk (approx. 13 oz) 1 bottle macapuno strings As for the Macapuno Strings – Use half a bottle for the mix Continue reading

Laing Recipe

Laing Recipe INGREDIENTS: Taro leaves – shredded from its veins Taro stem – cleanly cut Coconut milk (first and second extraction ) Pork belly (fats) Chili (long green) Garlic Onion Ginger Salt and pepper to taste INSTRUCTIONS: In a large Continue reading

Kalderetang Baka Recipe

Ingredients:  1 kilo beef (for stewing, cut into chunk cubes) 1/4 kilo beef liver (cut to almost the same size as the beef) 6 cloves garlic (minced) 2 medium onions (diced) 6 big tomatoes (quartered) 3 big red peppers (diced) Continue reading

Nilupak Recipe

One of the most favorite native dishes on the Filipino cuisine is this Nilupak. It is commonly prepared in provinces as snacks. Though, there are varieties of it depending on the ingredients used, the recipe we have here is applicable Continue reading