Ginataang Langka

Ingredients: 6 cups unripe jackfruit ( you can buy from supermarkets: peeled, seeded and sliced) 3 cups coconut milk 1/4 kilo shrimps, unpeeled (we want the flavor so we’ll leave it unpeeled and with heads intact) 1 thumb-sized ginger, crushed Continue reading

Cucumber Rolls

Ingredients: 1 long cucumber 1 egg (hard boiled) 3.5 oz (100 g) shrimps (boiled) 2 tablespoons cream cheese 1 small bunch parsley (chopped) 1 pinch salt 1 pinch black pepper 5-6 toothpicks for assembling salt & pepper Cooking Instructions: Mince Continue reading

Cucumber Bites

Ingredients: Multigrain baguette, sliced Boursin cheese, at room temperature (for easier spreading) 1 cucumber, sliced Dried dill Cooking Instructions: Take each slice of baguette and spread it with some cheese (I used the garlic and fine herb flavor).  Then top Continue reading

Crispy Kangkong

Crispy Kangkong Kangkong is a semi-aquatic plant mostly found in the tropics and cultivated as food for its tender shoots and leaves. You’ve tried it in sinigang, adobo, and even in bagoong. Want a new way to trick your kids Continue reading

Cobb Salad

Ingredients: 1/2 head of romaine 1/2 head of Boston lettuce 1 small bunch of frisée (curly endive) I didn’t use this! 1/2 bunch of watercress, coarse stems discarded All lettuces should be rinsed, spun or patted dry, and coarsely chopped Continue reading

Cabbage Kimchi

Ingredients: 1 (2-pound) head napa cabbage 1/4 cup sea salt or kosher salt (see Recipe Notes) Water 1 tablespoon grated garlic (about 5-6 cloves) 1 teaspoon grated ginger 1 teaspoon sugar 2-3 tablespoons seafood flavor or water (optional, see Recipe Continue reading

Inabraw Recipe

Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, sliced 5 pcs. Stringbeans ( sitaw), sliced into 2 – inch lengths 4 small ampalay, halved 2 cups squash, cubed 2 eggplants, sliced into rounds 1 medium – sized fish ( e. g. bangus ), broiled 2 Continue reading