How-to-make-Bikong Leyte

The Filipino cuisine is rich in kakanin or native dishes that are great for snack. Mostly of it is made from malagkit or glutinous rice which is a variety of rice that is more sticky than the usual. These foods are perfect for family bonding while having snack. Here is bikong leyte recipe for you to try one of those. This recipe is made from rice, flavored by ginger, latik, pandan, coconut milk and panutsa. Usually, kakanin are cooked with coconut milk, no wonder, because coconut is one of the main product of our country specially on Quezon province. There are also different dishes in Filipino cuisine that uses it, viands are also cooked with it not just for kakanin. Have something out of the same old snack you do have like cakes, burgers and breads. Try this on your home and feel the Pinoy delicious delicacies. Plus, its ingredients are mostly organic, like for instance the panutsa instead of sugar available on the market to sweetened the dish. Enjoy its chewy, soft, and sweet treat that will surely enjoy by your family. Make your snack out of the usual, by this original Pinoy recipe. Happy cooking!


  • 1 cup black rice
  • 1 1/2 cup glutinous rice
  • 1 pc Pandan
  • 1 thumb sized ginger, sliced
  • ½ cup water
  • 2cups coconut milk
  • 1 cup panutsa
  • ½ cup latik

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Combine the glutinous rice, black rice, water, panutsa, pandan, ginger, coconut milk and salt in a large non-stick pot.
  2. Turn on medium heat and stir the mixture continually until the liquid is absorbed and the rice is soft and fully cooked. Remove pandan and ginger.
  3. Transfer the rice mixture to a flat rectangular baking dish. Flatten and smooth the top.
  4. Let cool until the rice mixture firms up. Top with latik.

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