Easy Cassava Cake Recipe

Easy Cassava Cake Recipe

Cassava cake is a traditional Filipino dish made from grated Cassava and baked with sweet and creamy coconut and condensed milk. This soft and sweet dessert can be seen sold in streets from early afternoons, served in fiestas, or right Continue reading

Easy Leche Flan Recipe

Leche flan may be of Spanish origin, but it has never left the Filipino table for centuries. With the soft, smooth custard layer, and the sweet and sticky caramel on top, who wouldn’t want this on their plate? Usually served Continue reading

Tortang Giniling Recipe

While the word torta originally refers to “flat bread” in the Spanish and Mexican kitchen, we Filipinos know it best in tortang talong and tortang gulay. Yum! But we know that everything tastes better with pork, right? So what better Continue reading

Quick and Easy Bukayo Recipe

Ingredients: 3 cups mature coconut, shredded 1½ cups dark brown sugar ½ cup mascovado sugar 2 tbsp coconut juice or water 2 tsp. calamansi juice (optional) Banana leaves, greased with oil Cooking Instructions: Mix dark brown sugar, mascovado and coconut juice Continue reading