Pakbet with Oyster Sause Recipe

Save Print Pakbet with Oyster Sause Recipe Ingredients ½k liempo Sitaw Kalabasa Talong Okra Ampalaya Kamatis Sibuyas Oyter sause Patis. Instructions Pakuluan ang baboy hanggang s mag mantika..pag golden brown na ang baboy..igisa ang sibuyas at kamatis s pinag prituhan Continue reading

Avocado Graham Float Recipe

Save Print Avocado Graham Float Recipe Ingredients 3-4 large ripe avocado, puree in blender 200g crushed graham crackers (or any biscuit) 1 pack all purpose cream 1 big can condensed milk 1 cup crushed grahams (or any biscuit) Instructions In Continue reading


Save Print SPICY SIOMAI SOUP RECIPE Ingredients 10pcs Siomai 2 eggs 5 cups chicken stock or chicken cubes 1inch pc. pounded ginger 3 cloves minced garlic 2 stalks spring onion ½ pc. carrot 4 tbsp cornstarch 2 tbsp soy sauce Continue reading

Home-made Puto Ube Cheese Recipe

Save Print Home-made Puto Ube Cheese Recipe Ingredients 340g plain flour 250g white sugar 2 tablespoons baking powder 125ml evaporated milk 250ml water 2 raw eggs 250g butter, softened ½ teaspoon ube flavour ⅛ teaspoon violet food powder(optional) cheddar cheese Continue reading

Mango Cake Recipe

Save Print Mango Cake Recipe Ingredients 6 ounces weight unsalted butter 2 ounces fluid of vegetable oil 4 ounces weight of powdered sugar 4 large eggs 3 ounces fluid mango pulp. Strongly recommend Deep brand Alphonso pulp. It holds its Continue reading

Bangus Teriyaki Recipe

Save Print Bangus Teriyaki Recipe Ingredients 6 pcs. boneless bangus belly salt to taste cornstarch or all-purpose flour for dredging oil for frying sesame seeds For the teriyaki sauce: 1-1/2 tsps. minced garlic 1 cup water ¼ cup soy sauce Continue reading